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Learning From the Nursing Profession in the New Teacher Strike Era – Top Performers – Education Week

As teacher strikes sweep the nation, Marc Tucker compares the trajectory of teaching to that of the nursing profession, one of high standards of entry and rigorous preparation. Source: New feed

Tally of misbehaving teacher increases in South Carolina – Education Week

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Why I Opt My Son Out of State Testing – Work in Progress – Education Week Teacher

Let’s start investing in our teachers and our schools and move to those forms of assessment, like portfolios for example. Using alternative assessments as a means to show growth is a winner for everyone and provides a level of equity

5 Thoughts on the Teacher Strikes – Rick Hess Straight Up – Education Week

The recent teacher walkouts in West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky have not only been remarkable for their scope and success, but have also rapidly reshuffled the educational debates. Source: New feed

How Can School Leaders Maximize the Impact of Teacher Leadership? – Teacher Beat – Education Week

The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching has launched an initiative to find scalable ways that schools can implement formal teacher leadership roles. Source: New feed

5 Reasons Why the Oklahoma Teacher's Strike Needs To Be a Turning Point In Education – Peter DeWitt's Finding Common Ground – Education Week

The recent strike in Oklahoma is about much more than just higher salaries. It’s about how we need to change the narrative around public education. Here are 5 reasons why the recent strike Oklahoma needs to be a turning point

Governor vetoes bid to unlink reading test to teacher pay – Education Week

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We Need Civic Online Reasoning in Our Schools – Teacher in a Strange Land – Education Week Teacher

It’s hard to imagine what could be more important than developing the critical thinking skills that facilitate our students’ ability to discern truth from fake news. Media literacy may be in the standards, somewhere, but it’s not on the test,

Were Teacher Evaluation Reforms a Net Positive or Net Negative? – Rick Hess Straight Up – Education Week

Today, Brown University’s Matthew Kraft guest blogs about teacher evaluation reforms and some of the positive and negative consequences of these reforms on our nation’s schools. Source: New feed

Response: 'Dynamic Teacher Unions are the key to Assuring a World Class Education' – Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo – Education Week Teacher

Dr. Manuel Rustin, Jeffrey Garrett, Stephen Lazar, Dr. Debbie Silver, Katy Farber, John George share their commentaries on what teachers unions should look like twenty years from now. Source: New feed