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Alabama Board Taps Superintendents' Group Leader As Next State Chief – State EdWatch – Education Week

The state’s last superintendent resigned under pressure after he attempted to take over Montgomery’s school system and figure out a way to grade the state’s schools. Source: New feed

Why I Opt My Son Out of State Testing – Work in Progress – Education Week Teacher

Let’s start investing in our teachers and our schools and move to those forms of assessment, like portfolios for example. Using alternative assessments as a means to show growth is a winner for everyone and provides a level of equity

State, Local Official Tussle Over Who's in Charge Under ESSA – Education Week

At issue is just which branch of state government—or even which office—calls the shots on putting the Every Student Succeeds Act into practice. And election-year tensions up the ante. Source: New feed

Treatment of Vulnerable Students Proves a Political Flashpoint in State ESSA Plans – Education Week

The law requires states to report the performance of students of color, those with disabilities, and others, but advocates and officials are sharply divided on the approaches states intend to take. Source: New feed

Secretary DeVos Approves Texas' ESSA State Plan

WASHINGTON— U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today announced the approval of Texas’ consolidated state plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). “Texas’ plan met the requirements of the law, therefore I have approved it,” said Secretary DeVos. “I

N.D. Districts Can Substitute ACT for State Test – Education Week

The first-of-its-kind move stems from a new kind of testing flexibility in the Every Student Succeeds Act. Source: New feed

Michigan State Superintendent Takes Sick Leave After Cancer Diagnosis – State EdWatch – Education Week

Brian Whiston since 2015 has led the state’s education department while it put together its plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act and took control of the state’s school takeover district. Source: New feed

State Policy Implementation: An Imperative for Equity – Learning Deeply – Education Week

A review of progress by CCSSO’s Innovation Lab Network suggests that policy implementation, not just policy development, is critical to ensure equity. Source: New feed

North Dakota Is First State to Let Districts Use ACT Instead of State Exam – High School & Beyond – Education Week

North Dakota has become the first state in the country to take advantage of a new kind of assessment flexibility: It won federal permission to give school districts the right to substitute the ACT for the state’s own required high

State Assessments – Education Week

After a period of convergence, the K-12 testing landscape is again looking more and more fragmented, concludes a report from the consulting group Education First. Source: New feed