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What NAEP Scores Aren't Telling Us – Education Week

It’s time to elevate family structure as an influential factor in academic success, argues Fordham Institute fellow Ian Rowe. Source: New feed

Betsy DeVos Says We Can't 'Spend Our Way' Out of Stagnant Test Scores – Politics K-12 – Education Week

The U.S. education secretary and her four most recent predecessors agreed at a conference that the nation still struggles to educate its future workforce 35 after the landmark “A Nation at Risk” report. Source: New feed

Smarter Balanced Test Scores Are Mostly Flat. Is That a Problem? – Curriculum Matters – Education Week

A few critics say it could be a sign of problems with the test; Smarter Balanced officials say detailed analyses are coming. Source: New feed

D.C. Will Invalidate 2 Years of Science-Test Scores – Curriculum Matters – Education Week

The cancellation will cause headaches for the 48,000-student district, which will have to seek a federal waiver because of the snafus. Source: New feed