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Are We Asking Too Much Of Our Schools? – Peter DeWitt's Finding Common Ground – Education Week

This is the boiling point for schools, and we need to do more than just pay attention…we need to take action as well. Are we asking too much of our schools? Source: New feed

Call To Action Or Blame Game? 3 Ways Schools Communicate With Families – Peter DeWitt's Finding Common Ground – Education Week

During these times of accountability from our state we live in, or the social-emotional issues our students experience, family engagement is both a call to action, and a scapegoat depending on the conversation. It all comes down to how we

To Fix Struggling Schools, Ed. Leaders Must Be Bold – Education Week

When traditional public schools partner with high-quality charter leaders, schools improve for all students, write two Walton Family Foundation directors. Source: New feed

Schools Choose Not to Delete Facebook Despite Data-Privacy Worries – Education Week

K-12 districts and education organizations are taking a closer look at how they use Facebook in the wake of its high-profile data-privacy scandal. Source: New feed

HQPBL Case Study: Albemarle County Public Schools – Vander Ark on Innovation – Education Week

The walls are covered with products and classrooms are buzzing with voices and sounds of collaboration. Students are working on integrated projects tied to passions, interests and real-world causes. This is a common scene found in most classrooms in Albemarle

Schools Struggle to Use Data to Get Better – Education Week

Experts contend that the K-12 system’s current use of data is too focused on accountability and not enough on daily improvement. Source: New feed

We Need Civic Online Reasoning in Our Schools – Teacher in a Strange Land – Education Week Teacher

It’s hard to imagine what could be more important than developing the critical thinking skills that facilitate our students’ ability to discern truth from fake news. Media literacy may be in the standards, somewhere, but it’s not on the test,

Secretary DeVos Announces New Support for Wildfire Impacted Schools in California

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today new federal assistance for students and schools impacted by the October 2017 California wildfires. The California Department of Education will receive $2 million in Project SERV funds to aid in their recovery

In Canada's Public Schools, Immigrant Students Are Thriving – Education Week

Immigrants in Canada’s schools perform on par with native-born students within three years of arriving. What is Canada doing that the United States isn’t? Source: New feed

Student Trauma Is Widespread. Schools Don't Have to Go It Alone – Education Week

Nearly half of U.S. children experience adversity, but community-school partnerships can make a difference, write Olga Acosta Price and Wendy Ellis. Source: New feed