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Secretary DeVos Forms School Safety Commission

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today announced new details on the Federal Commission on School Safety the President appointed her to chair. The Commission has been charged with quickly providing meaningful and actionable recommendations to keep students

Don't Use SAT and ACT as Your High School Tests, Study Urges – Education Week

States should not use the SAT or ACT to measure high school achievement because those exams don’t fully reflect states’ academic standards, and could distort what’s taught in the classroom, according to a paper released Tuesday by Achieve. Source: New

Testing, the Opt-out movement and School Excellence – Work in Progress – Education Week Teacher

As I continue to dive deeper into my leadership learning, it baffles me how certain constructs and systemic issues plague the everyday focus of what school needs to be about, the students. No amount of testing is going to show

Secretary DeVos Extends Closed School Discharge to More Charlotte School of Law Students

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today that more students who attended Charlotte School of Law can now be eligible for a closed school discharge. “My focus is and will continue to be on doing what’s right for individual

Republicans' debate exposes big differences in school policy – Education Week

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Rediscovering School Quality Reviews – Learning Deeply – Education Week

Resurrecting an old idea about assessing school quality could allow schools to examine a broad range of data on performance and practices and lead to improvement. Source: New feed

Republicans' debate exposes big differences in school policy – Education Week

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In Wake of Grad-Rate Scandal, D.C. Projects Sharp Decline in Diplomas – High School & Beyond – Education Week

In the wake of a major graduation-rate scandal, the District of Columbia school system reports a big anticipated drop in this year’s high school graduation rate. Source: New feed

States Confront New Mandate on School-Spending Transparency – Education Week

School-by-school funding data has to be made available to the public under the Every Student Succeeds Act, but it can be a daunting task given their sometimes-antiquated finance systems. Source: New feed

Arizona Approves a 'Menu' of Test Options, But Feds Are Concerned – High School & Beyond – Education Week

Arizona has approved a new approach to testing that allows districts to choose among several high school tests. But the new system could violate federal education law. Source: New feed