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New Research Suggests Practical Ways to Make School Discipline, Access Equitable – Inside School Research – Education Week

Researchers discuss how data can help schools break the school-to-prison pipeline and boost access to advanced courses at the American Educational Research Association conference. Source: New feed

The Nation's Report Card Is Due. Here's What We'll Learn And What We Definitely Won't – Inside School Research – Education Week

With the scores for America’s 4th and 8th graders not out until Tuesday, a variety of education watchers are already trying to decide what to think of the results. Here’s a quick rundown of the most interesting indicators to watch,

Q&A: Aimee Guidera Looks Back on Research, Privacy, and the Future of Education Data – Inside School Research – Education Week

Aimee Guidera, the founding president of the Data Quality Campaign, will step down after 13 years at the helm of one of the most active organizational voices for education data in the field. Source: New feed

Mark Schneider Confirmed as Nation's Education Research Director – Inside School Research – Education Week

After nearly four years, the U.S. Education Department’s research agency is at last on the verge of getting a new permanent director. Source: New feed

Major Education Research Programs May Be Combined in Budget, Advocates Say – Education Week

The federal spending plan to be unveiled later this month is likely to combine three significant research programs. Source: New feed

Ed. Dept. Budget Could Combine Three Significant Research, Policy Programs – Inside School Research – Education Week

Advocates with knowledge of the plan say the Trump administration will propose consolidating the state longitudinal data system program, the Regional Educational Laboratory Program, and the Comprehensive Centers that help out states. Source: New feed

Mindset Research Is Sound, That's Not the Problem – Education Week

The research behind growth mindset and grit is familiar to many educators, but when misrepresented, can be harmful. The executive director of the Mindset Scholars Network, explains. Source: New feed

2017 Education Research Highlights

Twelve studies that educators should know about, on everything from the benefits of mentors to the most effective studying strategies. Source: