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Parkland parents who lost kids are running for school board – Education Week

Source: New feed

Teachers, parents, administrators oppose school choice bill – Education Week

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Do Educators Really Want Parents to be Held Accountable? – Peter DeWitt's Finding Common Ground – Education Week

We often hear that parents need to be held accountable, which is a really interesting topic. Do we as educators want parents to be accountable only when it serves our purposes? Or do we want to work in partnership with

Poll: The Majority of California Parents Like New State Report Card – State EdWatch – Education Week

A new poll conducted by USC and Policy Analysis for California Education says that the majority of parents like the state’s controversial redesigned report card. Source: New feed

GAO: Vouchers Leave Parents in Dark On Special Ed. Rights – Education Week

States don’t do enough to inform parents about the rights they lose when they enroll children in private schools using vouchers, the GAO finds. Source: New feed

Framing Difficult Feedback for Parents

A strategy teachers can use to turn parents into partners when discussing difficult situations involving their kids. Source: