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Student Self-Advocacy Requires Deeper Policymaking – Learning Deeply – Education Week

Policymakers should develop and exemplify deeper learning competencies in order to ensure that all students have opportunities to develop them as well. Source: New feed

Low-Level Assignments: An Indictment of the System – Learning Deeply – Education Week

An analysis of middle school mathematics assignments suggests that teachers lacked opportunities to develop lessons to tap students’ deeper learning competencies. Source: New feed

State Policy Implementation: An Imperative for Equity – Learning Deeply – Education Week

A review of progress by CCSSO’s Innovation Lab Network suggests that policy implementation, not just policy development, is critical to ensure equity. Source: New feed

Innovative Assessments: Widening the Horizon – Learning Deeply – Education Week

States are developing new forms of assessment, including assessments of learning and assessments for learning. Source: New feed

Rediscovering School Quality Reviews – Learning Deeply – Education Week

Resurrecting an old idea about assessing school quality could allow schools to examine a broad range of data on performance and practices and lead to improvement. Source: New feed

Working to Broaden the Definition of Success – Learning Deeply – Education Week

A charter school network seeks to transform education by encouraging development of a broad set of competencies, not just those measured in accountability systems. Source: New feed

Dilemmas of Defining Deeper Learning – Learning Deeply – Education Week

In order to make opportunities for deeper learning available to all, communities must decide how to define the goal to create a north star without limiting creativity. Source: New feed