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In Multiple States, Officials Demand Tougher School-Spending Oversight – State EdWatch – Education Week

Legislators and governors are demanding that school district spending be more closely monitored as states pick up the majority of K-12 costs, academic gains stall, and states look to upend funding formulas. Source: New feed

Cold snap exposes cracks in upkeep of timeworn schools – Education Week

Source: New feed

Betsy DeVos OKs ESSA Plans for Minnesota, West Virginia – Politics K-12 – Education Week

Minnesota and West Virginia are the first two states that submitted plans in the fall to win federal approval. Source: New feed

Special Report: 10 Big Ideas in Education – Education Week

This special report explores game-changing disruptions to the field of education that have the potential to shake up the schoolhouse and the classroom. Source: New feed

Dilemmas of Defining Deeper Learning – Learning Deeply – Education Week

In order to make opportunities for deeper learning available to all, communities must decide how to define the goal to create a north star without limiting creativity. Source: New feed

Are the ACT or SAT Good Substitutes for State Tests? New Study Raises Questions – High School & Beyond – Education Week

A new study raises questions about how easily states can use the SAT or ACT instead of their required high school achievement tests. Source: New feed

Response: We Need to 'Slow Down' When Teaching Writing – Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo – Education Week Teacher

We finish up this series on teaching writing with responses from Alan Sitomer, Sean Ruday, Jen Schwanke, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Kathy Glass, Meghan Everette, and Brian Kissel. Source: New feed

What's 'Hot' In Literacy Policy Isn't Always What Experts Think Merits Attention – Curriculum Matters – Education Week

Digital literacy and testing may be hot topics, but respondents to a new survey want more of a focus on teacher preparation and materials. Source: New feed

Few States Want to Offer Districts Chance to Give ACT, SAT Instead of State Test – Politics K-12 – Education Week

States worry that offering their districts a choice of tests as allowed under the Every Student Succeeds Act could make it harder to compare student outcomes. Source: New feed

Trump Ed. Dept. Critiques Idaho's ESSA Plan – Politics K-12 – Education Week

Similar to the other thirty-two states that gotten feedback so far this winter, Idaho has a long list of things to work on. Source: New feed