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K-12 a Key Topic for State Legislators as Sessions Gavel to a Start – Education Week

School finance and policy changes driven by the Every Student Succeeds Act are on the horizon as all but three state legislatures go into full swing this month. Source: New feed

Using Data to Help ELLs Succeed Requires Partnerships, Persistence, Report Argues – Learning the Language – Education Week

What do English-learners need to succeed? A Washington-based think tank examines what states can learn from Illinois’ efforts to find out what drives or derails ELL achievement. Source: New feed

5 Reasons Why Every Policymaker Should Fight To Save Title IIA – Learning Forward's PD Watch – Education Week Teacher

Insight into representatives’ perspectives on public education can help bolster arguments to support Title IIA. Source: New feed

Senate Democrats Force Vote in Bid to Restore Net Neutrality – Politics K-12 – Education Week

The Federal Communications Commission’s recent decision to overturn net neutrality has school districts worried about the kind of access they could provide to online educational services. Source: New feed

Stop Talking About Teacher Diversity. Start Tackling the Problem – Education Week

Teacher-prep programs and education schools should take a page from minority-serving institutions. BranchEd founder Cassandra Herring explains why. Source: New feed

The Secret to Student Engagement – Education Week

How can schools encourage deeper learning? Chip and Dan Heath, bestselling authors and the researchers behind “peak moments,” explain. Source: New feed

Mindset Research Is Sound, That's Not the Problem – Education Week

The research behind growth mindset and grit is familiar to many educators, but when misrepresented, can be harmful. The executive director of the Mindset Scholars Network, explains. Source: New feed

No, Students Don't Need Grades – Education Week

It’s time to reimagine a classroom where students are driven by curiosity rather than a score, writes educator and author Mark Barnes. Source: New feed

How One District Cut Student Homelessness by 25 Percent – Education Week

To tackle student homelessness, schools must tap into their broader community’s resources, writes Colorado’s state coordinator for homeless education. Source: New feed

Michigan unveils new school accountability system, website – Education Week

Source: New feed