Learning LinkedIn is now part of 9,000 Courses

People who focus on social professional life The LinkedIn media website release LinkedIn Learning, a a Web site learning dedicated to educating people about new job skills and helping companies train their employees.

LinkedIn learning, which started on Sept. 23, has over 9,000 courses in topics such as programming skills, writing, and accounting. An average of 25 courses are expected to be issued every week.

On April April of 2015, LinkedIn bought the popular tutorial based video on Lynda.com for $1.5 billion. According to company CEO Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s goal was to get the job of researchers closer to their career goals, and the reports of Anthony Spadafora from the Pro portal.

LinkedIn learning is built on three basic pillars: world-class content, data-based customization, and comfort anytime anywhere. Topics are divided into categories of business, creativity, and technology.

Users can choose the courses themselves based on LinkedIn recommendations (which analyzes your work and the skills included to suggest courses that you may want to take), or employers can assign courses to their workers and use LinkedIn analytics to monitor progress.

The experimental process of learning LinkedIn included companies such as Bertelsmann, Square, Eli Mae, and Global, Viacom, along with thousands of individual learners.

Kelly, who works in global media operations, said:

“Out of all online learning tools I have used, LinkedIn learning offers most personal experience. The courses form the skills and experience you have identified as a task for my development. ”

According to the hustle, LinkedIn learning is free for LinkedIn Premium subscribers, or $29.99 per month. The first month is also free.

Ryan Rośinsky, vice president of the product, wrote in his blog post:

“Now, you and your organization can identify skills that are key to achieving professional and business goals, and learn those skills in a personal, efficient and measurable way. ”

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