Tips to get into your Dream College

Tips to get into your Dream College

There’s no magic formula for getting into a selective college, but over a decade covering admissions for The Chronicle of Higher Education, I’ve picked up a thing or two. These takeaways, based More »


Democrats Say DeVos is Flouting ESSA. She Says No Way. Let's Unpack the Debate – Politics K-12 – Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education is more than halfway through approving state plans to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act,, but not everyone is pleased with how things are going. Source: New feed

Trying and Failing to Humanely Teach to the Test – Rick Hess Straight Up – Education Week

Kicking off the next six weeks of guest bloggers is former inner-city teacher and self-described “anti-reformer,” John Thompson. Today, John recounts some of the difficulties he faced as an inner-city teacher in the era of high-stakes testing. Source: New feed

Response: Everything you Wanted to Know About Dual Immersion but Were Afraid to ask – Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo – Education Week Teacher

Elizabeth B. Beltran, Barbara Gottschalk, Dr. Conor P. Williams, Carol Salva, Margarita Calderón, Ph.D., Shawn Slakk and Leslie Davison explain what “dual immersion” is in concept and in practice. Source: New feed

State Chiefs at Conference Tout Equity Policies in ESSA Plans – State EdWatch – Education Week

State education departments and some advocacy groups have previously sparred over whether their ESSA plans assure equity between white students and students of color. Source: New feed

Introducing Your Special Guest Stars: Thompson, Lindsay, Saultz, Strunk, Cowen, Steele, and Cummings – Rick Hess Straight Up – Education Week

I’m taking my every-so-often break from RHSU for the next few weeks and will be handing the reins off to a crop of stellar guest bloggers. Here’s what you can look forward to. Source: New feed

Senate Hopeful Mitt Romney May Not Love Trump, But He's Backed Up Betsy DeVos – Politics K-12 – Education Week

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee and ex-Massachusetts governor has said and done plenty when it comes to public schools. Source: New feed

State predicts school improvement plan to be approved soon – Education Week

Source: New feed

Mississippi high school graduation rate at record 83 percent – Education Week

Source: New feed

Has Evaluation Reform Chased Away Competent Would-Be Teachers? – Rick Hess Straight Up – Education Week

There’s no evidence that recent teacher evaluation reforms have attracted talented applicants. Instead, they seem to have dissuaded new teachers and decreased the labor supply. Source: New feed

Spotlight on Blended Learning – Education Week

While efforts to measure success are ongoing, schools are developing bold blended learning initiatives they hope can stand the test of time. In this Spotlight, discover how a district’s blended learning program is building positive school culture, why personalized learning